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Don't miss out - Exhibition closes Dec 31st

1573 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Mon/Tues - Closed

Wed 5pm - 9pm

Thurs 5pm - 10pm

Fri 5pm - 10pm

Sat 1pm - 10pm

Sun 1pm - 6pm

The Psychedelic Renaissance is here.

Toronto is celebrating with a captivating, eye-popping experiential art exhibition. Have your mind-expanded, and perspective changed, with this enlightening trip through the long, strange history of psychedelic substances, from their origins in indigenous healing rituals, to their current applications in Western clinical therapy.


Join us this fall for an immersive experience like none other, featuring carefully-curated rooms, rare historical artifacts, brilliant innovative art, and extraordinary renderings of the magic and mysteries of psychedelics.


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