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We’re a diverse group of artists, designers, writers and merry changemakers who are passionate about art, music, technology and the power of shared experiences. We’re proud to present Psychedelics: The Experiential Exhibition—an extraordinary event for these extraordinary times. The show is a ground-breaking immersive art experience, inspired by the Psychedelic Renaissance that continues to change minds around the world.


We’re excited by the fact that psychedelic compounds are gaining acceptance among physicians, scientists, lawmakers and the broader public. We’re excited that they’re being used in new ways, to help more people, at a time when mental health is a bigger issue than ever before.*


Our show combines amazing art and technology to create a unique audio-visual experience exploring the history and future of psychedelics. Our aim is to enlighten and entertain—to provide context for current trends in a fun and engaging way. Prepare to have your mind expanded…

*We do not endorse using psychedelics injudiciously. We endorse learning about them and proceeding in an informed, responsible manner. 

Our Team

Executive Producer & Creative Director

Jamie Drayton

General Manager

Cyndi Cornblit

Technical Director

Dylan Mitchell-Funk

Special Events & Programming

Anna Douglas

Writer and Content Creator

John Semley

Graphic Designer

Omar Morson

Production Design, Fabrication & Installation

Manual Arts


Oz Akgun, Liz Drayton, Lauren Davila, Angela Wilkins

Social Media

Jennifer Kim


Kelly Pullen

Production Management Consulting

Lee Widerick

Production Design

Jennifer Morden


Abigail Van Den Broek


GMUNKClandestinos ArtChris Dyer —  Natasza ZurekPablo AmaringoAlex McLeodBioworkz — John SpeakerAmalie R. RothschildLarry SchillerMEAR ONEAndrew OstaJim FigoraBurt Vera CruzBrotherhood of LightLiquid Light LabIoannisTed WallaceCasey Watson — Rodrigo Perez EstradaEmily May RoseWumplestiltskinNate Hill

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