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What is Psychedelics: The Experiential Exhibition?

Psychedelics is an innovative, thought-provoking immersive art exhibition. Guests buy their tickets online, arrive at the venue at their appointed time and stroll through a carefully-curated exploration of the history and future of psychedelics.

Who is this exhibition for?

Psychedelics is for anyone who loves art and technology—and experiential storytelling that harnesses the power and magic of both. It’s for anyone interested in learning more about the current “Psychedelic Renaissance,” and all those open to new mindsets and perspectives.


What are your hours of operation?

We are generally open from Wednesday through Sunday, with hours fluctuating each day.

Please click BUY TICKETS to see specific days and times we're open. 

Are psychedelic substances permitted at this event?

No, they are not. Most psychedelic substances are illegal in Canada and they should not be consumed before or during the exhibition. Intoxicated visitors will be denied entry or escorted from the venue.

Is this exhibition promoting the use of psychedelics?

No, the purpose of this exhibition is to educate and entertain. Once someone has educated themselves and understands the potential benefits and risks of using psychedelic substances, they can make up their own mind about whether or not they wish to try them.

Is this a family-friendly event?

Guests of all ages are invited to attend, with appropriate ticket purchase. However, some of the content in the exhibition is designed for a more mature audience.

How long should I plan to be in the exhibition?

The exhibition should take between 45 to 60 minutes to explore.

Is the exhibition set up to assist people with accessibility needs?

There is an accessibility elevator onsite that can take guests with accessibility needs to each floor. On some of the floors, there are still a few stairs that need to be climbed in order to enter all the rooms. Guests with accessibility needs are welcome with open arms at the exhibition, and help can be provided on site as required. Typically guests will walk through the exhibition, and should be aware there are many stairs, as the exhibition spans three floors.

Are food and beverages available?

There are two bars in the venue, offering snacks, water, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

What’s the best way to get there?

The TTC is a great way to get here, as the venue is just a block away from Dundas West station. We also encourage walking, cycling, and ride-sharing when possible.


Is there onsite parking?

There is paid parking right across the street, at the corner of Edna Ave. and Dorval Rd. 

Can I book the exhibition for a private event?

Yes, you can. Please email with your inquiry.

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