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Assistant Manager

We’re seeking a Assistant Manager to join our team! The ideal candidate is highly organized, thrives under pressure, is a natural leader and contributes positively to the culture of our organization. Management experience in a fast-paced, service-oriented environment is a must.

Due to the nature of our operating hours (evenings, weekends), we’re seeking two Assistant Managers who can work collaboratively and alternate management duties to cover all operating hours. 


The Assistant Manager’s primary role is to ensure the smooth operation of all aspects of the exhibition while onsite. Key responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing a team of Guest Experience Hosts, who will be onsite during operating hours, interacting with guests, answering questions and monitoring art installations.

  • Overseeing our entrance operations, coat-check area, and gift shop.

  • Being in close communication with our security team, cleaning crew, and Tech Director.

  • Managing and scheduling onsite staff in the aforementioned positions.

  • Deftly handling any issues that may arise onsite; ensuring they are resolved with urgency and care.

  • Continually monitoring operations to maintain quality standards and find opportunities for improvement. Communicate those ideas clearly and effectively to senior leadership and staff.

  • Act as a champion and senior ambassador for the project both internally and externally, whether onsite during operating hours or offsite and on their own time.


Term We are looking to fill this position by September 29th, 2022, with training and integration into the project beginning immediately. The exhibition is currently scheduled to run from October through December, 2022.

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